Shaista Lodhi opens up about emotional first Umrah trip

In a recent interview with Hina Altaf, Shaista Lodhi delved into her transformative first Umrah trip – an unplanned spiritual journey prompted by a chance meeting with an acquaintance. The fortunate day that led to Shaista onboarding the flight to Makkah two days later started like usual. “So this one day I left the studio and I told the driver to take the car just anywhere quiet,” she explained how they ended up driving aimlessly on II Chundrigar Road. “Suddenly I received a call from an acquaintance, Haji Sahab,” Shaista revealed. “He asked me if I could come to his office and I asked him where it was. Literally, when he mentioned the building’s name, it was right there in front of me,” she emphasised the coincidence. However, this was only the first in a series of inexplicable events. “When I went to his office, he told me that he was watching my morning show that day in passing. He said, ‘I have a thing for safekeeping and I asked Allah to point me towards the right person to whom this should be returned. And you came to my mind. So this is yours.’rdblquote
To Shaista’s surprise, she was handed over a piece of the cloth that was previously used to bath the Kaaba. The host furthered on, “A few moments later he asked me if I would go on an Umrah and I just looked at his face and said yes. Two days later I was on the flight.”