I had tears in my eyes: Kubra Khan on 2019 item song

In a candid interview recently, actress Kubra Khan shared her experience of shooting an item number as part of her cameo. As per Kubra, her venture into this musical number was prompted by a misunderstanding. “I was told that there is a song in Superstar, it’s a cameo of you,” the star discussed how she was approached for Dharak Bharak in the 2019 Mahira Khan-starrer. “It’s a film within a film that the song is for. So I said okay, I was told that it’s a nice dance song that me and Bilal (Ashraf) will do together.” Kubra emphasised how in her conversation with the film’s directors and producers, she failed to realise that she was agreeing to an item number. “It was when I reached the set that I realised. I was shown the ghagra choli the night before the shoot,” Kubra disclosed.
The Jannat Se Aagay actress expressed how unpleasant she found the ordeal. Kubra said, “The part where I enter in the song, I am walking and people are going crazy; the boys were whistling and exclaiming when I gave my first walk and I had tears in my eyes that I don’t want to do this.” For Kubra, her reaction was born out of her personal reservations about item numbers in general. “Honestly speaking, it’s the idea of objectification.” Elaborating on how these songs typically have problematic lyrics, Kubra asserted, "I won't do item numbers."