These women, I don’t know them from Adam: Ali Noor addresses harassment allegations

In a recent podcast interview hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt, singer Ali Noor opened up about the tumultuous period he faced last year after being accused of sexual harassment and professional misconduct. The allegations led to significant repercussions for Noor of the popular 90s rock band, Noori. The singer began by reflecting on the timing of the allegations, noting that they surfaced during a deeply personal and emotionally challenging period for him, following the death of his grandmother. However, he once again vehemently denied any predatory behaviour, asserting, "Of course, I didn’t have an ounce of a predatory thing in me, I don’t flirt the way people flirt."
Throughout the interview, Noor maintained his innocence, emphasising that he did not know the accusers personally. Noor described feeling blindsided by the accusations and the subsequent fallout, including a decline in work opportunities and damaged professional relationships. “All the women around me call me eccentric and crazy but jitna mera comfort level hai with kuriyan (girls) without becoming their bhai (brother) or trying to get them to fall in love with me, I think other guys are even jealous of that because I’ve had a very comfortable relationship with women all my life,” he held.
“Even my wife, Mandana, would understand that, that’s why I could just do what I do all the time, because there was always purity in it.” About the women who came out with their alleged encounters with Noor, the singer said, “You can check who these people are. These women; nobody knows them from Adam, I don’t know them from Adam.”