I don’t really think about marriage now, I have kids and I’m at peace: Mikaal Zulfiqar

In a recent interview, actor Mikaal Zulfiqar opened up about his divorce and his decision to remain single in the foreseeable future. The actor, who finalised his divorce from longtime partner Sara Bhatti in 2017, addressed questions about his relationship status and the possibility of entering into another marriage in a conversation with host Wasi Shah on a talk show recently. Mikaal expressed a clear stance, stating that he was content with being single despite his family’s insistence.
The actor further relayed how he is at a good place in his life right now with his children and feels no necessity for marriage yet. “I don’t really think about marriage now. I have kids, I am at peace,” Mikaal offered before remarking on Wasi’s expression of doubt. “Why do you want me to [marry]?” Mikaal’s openness about his post-divorce mindset resonated with fans, as many appreciated his honesty and vulnerability. Social media buzzed with supportive messages, applauding the actor for his candidness and wishing him success in his journey ahead.