'I'm a fallen soul': Kevin Spacey gears up for his Hollywood comeback

Kevin Spacey is making his Hollywood return after being evicted in a sexual assault case. The House of Cards alum is playing a hitman in his upcoming flick Peter Five Eight. Spacey portrays a hitman in the film and, in the latest trailer, he can be seen disposing a dead body, holding a woman at knifepoint, and calling himself as a ‘fallen soul.' He goes into a small town at the behest of his boss to murder a real estate agent named Sam, as per Daily Mail.
"In this town, nothing is what it seems," says the tagline. Michael Zaiko Hall, writer-director called the film as "a contemporary film rendered in a 1940's pulp-melodrama style" adding, “Kevin Spacey has crafted a unique and memorable character for his fans to enjoy."