• 24 Feb - 01 Mar, 2024
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We’ve all been there. We’re changing our clothes and we notice things are a little stinkier than usual. Or we’re taking an exercise class, get a whiff of something unpleasant, and realise we are the culprit. It’s possible your deodorant isn't working the way it used to, but it could also be the result of a lifestyle change.
When your body works hard, it starts to sweat as a cooling mechanism. Body odour is caused when otherwise odourless sweat molecules mix with bacteria on the skin. If the bacteria on your skin changes, then your odour changes, and what worked for you previously may no longer work. So some people find that their deodorant stops working, but in fact, it was their body that changed.
Ready to say goodbye to being stinky? Here are five reasons why your deodorant may not be working.

You’re Applying Deodorant to Wet Underarms
Who isn’t in a rush these days? Still, it’s important to dry off your underarms fully before spraying or swiping on deodorant. While many people tend to apply after showering, you should wait till the surface is fully dry. Water creates a barrier, therefore deodorants don’t penetrate the skin and can wear off quickly.

You Aren’t Applying Your Deodorant Properly
While we all apply deodorant pretty mindlessly, there is a best practice here – we should use three to four swipes. You don't need more! And if you do more, it will get on your clothes. After application, move your arms back and forth several times. You want the formula to cover the whole area, and the body warmth from movement allows it to melt.

You’re Too Loyal to Your Current Product
If you’ve been using the same deodorant for years and you suddenly have body odour, it’s unlikely the product has changed – it’s you. Your body is smart and it can get used to certain products, yet your body is changing and might need something different. Change up the scent or type of deodorant you use. If you've been using a spray, try a roll-on or stick.

Your Diet Changed
Anything that impacts the bacteria or microbiome of your skin can alter your body odour. So, if you’re making lifestyle changes, a new deodorant can be a part of this.

How to Make Your Deodorant Work Better
Giving your armpits a little extra attention can also help reduce body odour. Don't skip cleaning your pits in the shower. While some people recommend exfoliating your underarms, this might not be for everyone. The underarm tissue is thin and can be prone to friction or contact dermatitis to allergens.
Shaving the area regularly will naturally exfoliate your skin, so if you shave, you may not need a separate product. You may also want to try an underarm mask. Underarm masks work to increase the efficacy of deodorant by removing excess bacteria, toxins, and sweat buildup from under the arm. If none of this works and you're still frustrated, make an appointment with a dermatologist to explore other options to curb excessive underarm sweating. 

You’re Stressed Out
Stress can also trigger body odour and make your deodorant less effective. Stress is a big factor as it raises your anxiety. This heats up your body and it tries to cool down with sweat, which creates moisture-causing bacteria to grow and smell.