Dubai makes boy's dream to visit theme park come true

  • 24 Feb - 01 Mar, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
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An Egyptian boy's perseverance paid off, and his dream of visiting his favourite theme park in Dubai came true, thanks to a viral video and the Department of Economy and Tourism's generosity in inviting him and his family to the city. It all began when the boy, Nour, was questioned by his family after being caught downloading an app from Google Play. As it turned out, he downloaded a ticketing app and booked a flight to Dubai for the next day.
It was not mentioned if the transaction was successful but the video went viral because of the ‘cute way’ the boy argued his point and his insistence on visiting Dubai. “I’ve always wanted to go Dubai,” he said with a big smile, and hugged the phone. That scene was shared on video and went viral last month. Recently, Dubai Tourism tweeted a video showing the kid and his family visiting Legoland. The boy’s dream came true and it happened in style. From the airport, after receiving a welcoming gift, the family was picked up by a Dubai Police supercar, a Bentley Continental GT, and were brought straight to Legoland. Wearing white t-shirt and a pair of brown slacks, Nour tried the rides and slides at Legoland. With abundant plastic construction toys around, he even called himself as ‘engineer’ Nour, and baked – like a master chef – his own cake made of Lego toys.
The fun was shared by his family, who were billeted at Legoland Hotel.
During the 85-second video, Nour also made a pitch: “Look my friends. I’m so happy to be in Dubai. I’m really happy going to Legoland. I’m in Dubai which has Legoland. I’m in Dubaaaai! Habibi, come to Dubai!”