Gohar Rasheed talks colourism in showbiz, says only criteria of acting these days is fair skin

Gohar Rasheed appeared as a guest recently on Yasir Hussain’s The Pick and Drop Show. The episode kicked off with a forthright question prodding Gohar’s take on talent in Pakistan. The Jannat Se Aagay actor stated, “I have to say this with a lot of regret that there is little talent… if I ask you as a layman right now, not as Yasir Hussain who watches Pakistani television and cinema. Tell me how many good actors come to your mind?” He furthered on, “We have such a big talent pool, including male and female actors, yet we can only think of 13-14 names which is not a good ratio.” Gohar explained how easy it is to pass the cliché statement that Pakistan has a lot of young, emerging talent but that is not true.
When asked to share his thoughts on the current criteria to become an actor, Gohar referenced his long-standing gripe with colourism in the entertainment industry. As per the actor, the only way to make it big in the game is to get expensive skin-lightening injections. “Whether you can act or not, the production house knows you can do it, they know you can act because you are fair,” he remarked with a laugh. He contended, “Unfortunately, we are a racist country. Let’s just admit the fact. We want everything fair and light like milk.”