Arshad Warsi-Maria Goretti marry for the third time!

Ahead of their anniversary and Valentine's Day, Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti took the legal route and registered their marriage recently. The couple, who tied the knot on February 14, 1999, had never legally registered their marriage. Following nearly 25 years of marriage, the couple registered their marriage on last month. Arshad, in an interview with Time Of India, shared that registering their marriage never crossed their minds and they did not think of it as "really important".
On the special day, Arshad shared the couple’s photo on Instagram and wrote, "Most important decision a man makes in his life is the woman he chooses to spend his life with." He added, "I’m glad I made the right decision. Happy Anniversary Goretti." About the marriage ceremony, the actor’s wife reacted, "We sat in those big chairs and laughed a lot. Yes, I married the same man for the third time! Who does that?"