The Return Of The Fashion Power Couple

People are always so interested in what’s going on behind the scenes with celebrities, and when couples dress alike it's another way to add to the narrative. Given that many of the world’s most famous pairings are shrouded in mystique, rarely speaking about their private lives to the press and followers, fans are always looking out for breadcrumbs – be it a 'like' of a post on Instagram or colour coordinated ensemble on a night out.
However, the cringeworthy 'matchy-matchy' looks of the 1990s and early 2000s now feel very much like a PR move as these looks suggested 'if we look perfect on the outside, we’re perfect behind the scenes too'.
As modern audiences are able to see through this, it is rare nowadays to see a couple mirroring each other’s style to the T.
Nowadays, as couples are well-versed in the clout a 'team' aesthetic can convey to the masses, but aware of the nuance required in order for it to strike a chord, the looks must be much more subtle, evolved, and appear almost accidental to be considered a ‘moment’.
As long as the couple is coordinated where the theme or mood of the occasion is concerned, matching major parts of their look (like colours, fabrics, cuts etc) is neither necessary nor classy. Allow your individuality and creativity to flow and naturally complement your partner’s.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair, Makeup & Grooming: Angie’s Salon
• Women’s Wear By: Sania Maskatiya
• Men’s Wear By: Arham Ishtiaq
• Photography & Styling: Raza Jaffri
• PR By: Catwalk
• Featuring: Mehar Bano & Umar Aalam