5 SECRETS TO CREATING More Space In Your Closet

While we all wish our closets had at least a few more square feet, there are plenty of ways to maximise the space you have. And while this won’t technically give you a larger closet, it will give you additional storage. Here are six secrets to creating more space in your closet.

If you want more space in your closet, paring down what you already own can get the job done instantly – and for free. Take everything out of your closet; start going through all of your items. Anything that doesn't fit you currently can be donated, anything ripped or torn can be used for rags or thrown away. If something doesn't feel comfortable or make you feel good in your body, get rid of it. If you’re the kind of person who has trouble letting go (it’s okay – we’re not judging), approach this process differently. Think of decluttering as making space for clothing that you love instead of getting rid of items you do not.

Do you need that thin silk blouse on a thick wood hanger? No one does. So reassess your hanger collection. Get rid of those free wire ones from the dry cleaner or any that are broken. Use slim hangers and hanger hooks instead. Either rubber or velvet, slim hangers will double your closet space, and keep your clothes tidy, not falling off. Hanger hooks allow you to hook one article of clothing onto another hanger, also creating additional space while hanging like items together.

Evaluate the vertical space. Depending on your closet and how long your clothing is, you may be able to add an extra bar underneath your current one. You may need to move your current closet bar up, but this is an easy and inexpensive option. If you have a lot of extra items like shoes, you can also add additional shelves under or over the hanging bar. All you need to do is measure and get creative.

Closet organisers can be a major game changer. Like drawers, these spaces allow you to store folded items that you would regularly hang, including jeans, sweaters, and tops. Unlike hanging items, using a hanging closet organiser takes up a fraction of the same space.

You might not think you have enough closet space, but more likely than not, you aren’t utilising all of the space you have. Explore how to use every last bit of space. Be it hooks or floating shelves, use empty wall space to hang hats, belts, or jewellery on hooks, or to add bins for light items like scarves, tights, or hats.