Calvin Harris Says He Plans to Quit DJing “Once I Get Past 50”

Calvin Harris revealed that his time DJing live is eventually going to come to an end. The music producer-songwriter, who turned 40 in January, shared in a recent interview that he will likely stop DJing in approximately 10 years. “I always said that once I get past 50, I can’t see me DJing, man,” the This Is What You Came For artist said. Though Harris has brought his music all around the world, headlining some of the biggest festivals including Coachella, he shared that once he moves away from DJing, he wants to turn his focus to the studio. “I think I’d prefer to be in the studio making tunes, like ghost producers,” he explained. “I think that’s where the majority of my talent lies, is making songs sound good. So, I would like to make other people’s records sound good.”