Wedding Opulence Redefined

As we near the wedding season of 2024, the world of eastern bridal fashion is getting poised to redefine opulence, grace and tradition. Think elegant sarees paired with embroidered blazers, and regal angrakha sherwanis inspired by the Mughal-era warrior – innovative styles rooted in the rich cultural heritage that's synonymous with Pakistani weddings.

That's what's on offer for brides and grooms choosing the perfect looks for their all-important events.
MAG curates this extensive bridal fashion forecast; some of the designers expect their clients will stick to the traditional or maybe go for a contemporary take on classics while others expect a rise of eclectic fusion: conventional and modern styles in a mashup that mirrors the diverse tastes and preferences of the modern couple. Take a look at the leading wedding looks-to-be for 2024 – the trends, colours, fabrics and silhouettes that will dominate the wedding landscape.

So whether you prefer to stay traditional with vibrant tones in a tried-and-tested silhouette, opt for more modern pastels, choose subtle shades in a daring fit or do something altogether your own, the sartorial insights ahead promise to inspire.

Some brides prefer to stay traditional with the reds, maroon or jewel tones, while others prefer to rock the modern pastels and neutral tones. No matter which way you lean, we are envisioning our 2024 brides and grooms to ask for rich silks and full-flared lehengas with hand embroideries for the ceremonies, and, of course, bling and sparkle for the reception. Metallics, nudes and navy blue for reception are popular choices and, of course, the timeless plums, reds and maroon for wedding ceremonies will remain a big hit.

Want to go for something? Go for pastel and blush tones for your big day – these shades are already popular wedding wear choices throughout the year and will also provide great re-wear value.
These light tones make the bride and groom glow in comparison to the heavy bold red, maroon, plum, gold, copper, and black colours that do not suit everyone. Try out a few dresses before you decide on the details instead of following the traditions and trends blindly.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah@depilex
• Designer: Zeeshan Bariwala
• Photography & Styling: Yasser Sadiq