Pretty like a Robin's egg and airy like a spa, pastel paint can brighten even the darkest spaces in a home. If you're ready to embrace some beautifully muted hues – pinks, purples, blues and yellows – you've come to the right place.

How you can use it: Some muted pinks come off as juvenile, but not this one. It looks super sophisticated on the cabinetry in this home office, for example. You can spin the colour any way you want – boho, glam – and it works every time.

How you can use it: This is a warm pink, like the kind you see in sunsets, which is why it works in lots of different spaces. Here it adds a bit of fun in a mostly white bathroom. You could also see it pepping up an entryway or a small den.

How you can use it: What’s not to love about this aqua blue – it’s easy on the eyes and not overwhelmingly bright, which makes it a great colour for the wall of shelves in the study or living room. Still, it’s inviting and fun, and that’s important when you want your family to hang out in a screen-free zone!

How you can use it: A pass-through area leading to your home’s backyard is a space that could have easily been forgotten, but painting the walls with a shade like this can infuse it with character. This peachy pink makes the area feel bigger and brighter.

How you can use it: Laundry rooms are usually on the dark side because they don’t have window and so, there is not much natural light in the room. The old, boring neutral colours also do not help the mood of the room. A fresh pale yellow will really brightened the space where you need to spend a considerable amount of time!