Heads Up: You’re About to See the Airspace Haircut Everywhere

  • 23 Mar - 29 Mar, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Meet the celeb-beloved ‘do for every occasion.
With runway shows and red carpets galore this past few months, you’re about to see the Airspace haircut pretty much everywhere. If you’re up-to-date on the latest trends, you’ve seen this before on your favourite celebs and probably just didn’t know it – but now the ‘do is reaching your local salon, too.
Funny enough, the Airspace cut isn’t actually a haircut at all, but a technique to remove weight, creating space that air can flow through. This type of cut is more dimensional and a little more undone and relaxed looking. The good news is that this technique can be used on any length of hair and will look great.
Here’s everything you need to know about the Airspace cut, including how to style it and which hair types it works best for.

How to Style the Airspace Haircut
Styling an airspace haircut doesn’t have to be hard. When styling at home, you want your hair to have a more natural feel, so adding a volumising mousse to damp hair will add a nice shape when drying. Straighter hair and those with light curls can use a texturising spray to shape and style the hair for more movement and a sense of separation that you’re looking for with this particular cut. If you want a more red-carpet level style, you can blow dry the hair using a moisturising styling cream or use a curling wand to add a smoother, voluminous look to it. Try adding a few spritz of heat protectant spray when you use a hot tool or blow dryer to help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

What Is the Airspace Haircut?
A flowy and lightweight ‘do, the Airspace haircut is a technique of styling the hair into soft layers that blend easily together to create a weightless look and feel. Bobs and lob cuts make for great bases, as it is easy to take away weight from the hair to get the desired flowy and moveable aesthetic.

What to Ask Your Stylist
When you want to go for an Airspace haircut, you should ask your stylist to take away the heaviness or weight on the lengths and ends. In combination with a curtain bang, this haircut is flawless and it spices things up a bit.
Be sure to bring in lots of inspiration pictures to your salon as well – since this style is so versatile and undefined, it’s key to show your stylist what you like, especially of people who have similar hair textures as yours.

Who Looks Best In the Airspace Haircut?
The beauty of the Airspace haircut is that anyone can achieve it, given the right styling tools. It’s less about the face shape and hair type, and more about whether a lived-in look is going to feel right for your personal vibe. This weightless hairstyle tends to adhere best to those with shorter lengths, however. When the hair is too long or even too curly, it can create a shape that makes it harder to achieve the desired look of this haircut, which is airy and lightweight. Stylists recommend front-framing layers or longer bands for those with finer hair. Those with thick or curly textures should consider removing some weight from the hair to help achieve the desired look.