The best things in life are (nearly) free. Go green this year and instead of tossing or donating your old stuff, try one of these project ideas to upcycle it into something new.

Tree Stump = Trendy Planter
Sculptural and organic, this repurposed planter makes the most of having to remove an old tree by turning the trunk into a gorgeous, oversized planter with midcentury-inspired hairpin legs.

Leftover Paint Samples = Daring Dresser
We all have them: multiple small bits of paint left over from a variety of projects. Clean out your stash and give your old dresser a revamp at the same time: Starting in the top right corner, tape off a triangle, apply two coats of paint, then pull off the tape while the paint is still wet to ensure clean edges. Patience is key; wait till each section is completely dry before taping off the next one, then going triangle by triangle, complete your design.

Old Tin = Charming Centerpiece
Think beyond a standard vase and instead create a centerpiece in a pretty vintage tin for an added pop of colour and pattern. Protect the tin and eliminate any possibility of leaks by first placing the arrangement in a plastic or glass container that's just a bit smaller than your tin, then slide the bloom-filled container inside the tin to brighten up your table.

Vintage Suitcases = Storage-Rich Nightstand
Vintage suitcases are not only more attractive than their modern-day counterparts, they also offer up lots of hidden storage for items you rarely need to access, like holiday ornaments or out-of-season clothing. Shop garage sales and flea markets to find several on a budget, then stack them up beside your bed for vintage-style nightstand.

Ice Cube Tray = Toddle Snack Server
Encourage your little one to eat the rainbow by placing their nibbles in an ice cube tray. Perfect for picky eaters who prefer to keep flavours separate, this is also a great way to sneak in new healthy options.

Pretty Paper = Table Runner
For a colourful table runner that's just as easy on your budget as it is on the eyes, sub gift wrap or even multiple squares of patterned card stock for a standard fabric runner. Bonus: Spills aren't a worry; when the party's over, just toss the stained paper – or, if it's still in good shape, save it to use again later.