Sonu Nigam: I know how to pick myself up despite health or personal crisis

Sonu Nigam has done over 20 concerts in the last one month. In fact, he also has an elaborate UK tour coming up at the end of the month. This showcases not just his love for the craft, but also his fans. Asked how he manages to navigate such hectic schedules, and the singer responded, “I have always been used to a very busy life. The only aspect that is at the risk of decline over time is passion. So, I keep a keen eye on my love and gratitude for my craft.” But irrespective of dedication, back-to-back travel can take a toll on one’s health. This happened with the Padma Shri recipient last month, ahead of his show in Dubai. In fact, he did a couple of Insta live sessions to share his condition with his followers. Sharing what keeps him going in situations like this, Sonu Nigam said, “I have been singing professionally for the last 46 years and I have learnt to pick myself up and rise up for the occasion irrespective of fever, infections or personal crises. I have understood the higher purpose of my existence.”