Rasika Dugal: Streaming space is competitive in a healthy way

Rasika Dugal is excited about a string of projects ready to release on the OTT platform this year, and she is happy with the streaming space evolving with the changing times. The actress says OTT platforms entered the entertainment scene with a great promise, and is happy that the promise continues to stand tall. “For me, the coming of streaming services has been the most promising change since the time I started working. Even though the films I had done earlier had been beautiful experiences and were absolutely irreplaceable for me as a performer, they were largely independently produced/small budget films which would invariably get stuck in the distribution bottleneck,” Dugal revealed.
The 39-year-old dded, “And, therefore, fail to reach the audiences. I feel the streaming space changed that. It gave actors like me an opportunity to do a variety of good quality work and also gave us access to a wide audience”.
Looking ahead, the Adhura star is confident that things are moving in the right direction. “The streaming space is a constantly evolving one. And like any other, there is the good and bad here too. [However], I feel the streaming space is largely still a healthy, competitive and fairly democratic one. I am hoping that doesn't change,” she shared.