Freshen Up Your Home this Summer

A few minor changes and upgrades can make your home feel more prepared for hot weather.

Incorporate Summery Scents
Candles and diffusers in citrus, floral, or beachy scents can create a sense of lightness versus the heaviness that accompanies sugary or woodsy notes.

Hang Breezy Drapery
If you want to help keep heat out of the house, choose a lightweight, but dense fabric to block sunlight on hot days.

Bring In Fresh Greenery
Sprucing up your space by placing fresh greenery on your entryway table or in the bedroom.

Ditch Heavy Rugs For Lighter Materials
Put that heavy rug in storage – and swap in lightweight or flat-weave rugs made from cotton or jute.

Add Earthy Textures and Patterns
For summer we love natural textures – such as jute and tweed – and playful prints such as pin stripes and florals.