Momina Iqbal: Navigating Reality Beyond Social Media Glamour

Model and actor Momina Iqbal recently made waves with her candid remarks urging audiences to discern the truth behind the glitzy facade of social media. During her appearance on a digital show, Momina shed light on the illusionary nature of online personas, cautioning against blindly accepting the glamorous images portrayed by celebrities and influencers.
Dressed in a serene white attire, Momina challenged the notion of constant social media updates, expressing bewilderment at those who prioritize online presence over personal relaxation. "I just don’t understand these people who are always posting first thing in the morning! On my day off, I just want to be in bed and relax!" she remarked.
Addressing the misconception that celebrities live in an exclusive glamorous bubble, Momina emphasized their relatability to the general populace. She revealed that even her posts may not depict real-time moments, debunking the myth of a perpetually lavish lifestyle. Momina also shed light on the limitations of scriptwriting in portraying nuanced characters, emphasizing her commitment to authenticity despite external pressures.