Brooke Shields Reflects on Past Marriage with Andre Agassi, Embracing Change, and Family Life with Chris Henchy

Actress Brooke Shields delves into her past relationship with tennis legend Andre Agassi in a candid interview with AARP magazine. Shields, now 58 and married to Chris Henchy, reminisces about her marriage to Agassi from 1997 to 1999, acknowledging his towering fame and the challenges it brought.

Reflecting on their dynamic, Shields expresses how Agassi's renown made her feel smaller, a sensation she found comforting amidst his celebrity status. She recalls moments where Agassi's fame took precedence, describing the omnipresence of bodyguards and his prominent role at public events.

Beyond the spotlight, Shields credits Agassi for his support during her transition from her late mother, Teri, who had been her manager. Admitting her struggle to break away independently, she acknowledges Agassi's role in facilitating the separation, a sentiment echoed by her therapist.

Transitioning from her past, Shields celebrates her present with Chris Henchy, whom she married in 2001. Describing Henchy as her pillar of stability, Shields emphasizes his role as a devoted father to their daughters, Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond, aged 20 and 17 respectively.