SS Rajamouli and Son SS Karthikeya Encounter Earthquake Scare in Japan

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli and his son SS Karthikeya experienced a moment of terror as they faced an earthquake while in Japan. Karthikeya took to social media to share the harrowing experience, recounting how they felt the tremors on the 28th floor of a building. Despite the panic-inducing situation, the locals remained unfazed, prompting Karthikeya to reflect on the calm demeanor of the Japanese amidst natural calamities.

As news of the earthquake spread, fans expressed relief upon learning that both Rajamouli and Karthikeya were safe. Rajamouli, who was in Japan for a special screening of his blockbuster film "RRR," has been actively promoting the movie across the country. The global success of "RRR" has garnered widespread acclaim, with Rajamouli expressing gratitude for the overwhelming response from fans.

Amidst his promotional tour, Rajamouli has also begun preparations for his highly anticipated projects, including "SSMB29" alongside Mahesh Babu. As the acclaimed filmmaker continues to make waves in the industry, fans eagerly await his next cinematic masterpiece.