Randeep Hooda Opens Up About Struggle Amidst Success

Renowned actor Randeep Hooda bares his soul in a candid revelation, recounting an arduous journey marked by a staggering 11-year stint of unemployment. In a heartfelt dialogue with Humans of Bombay, Hooda delves into the depths of despair that accompanied his professional drought, highlighting the toll it exacted on his mental and financial well-being.

Throughout his illustrious 23-year career, Hooda's resilience has been tested, particularly during an extended period devoid of professional opportunities. Despite acclaimed performances in cinematic gems such as "Highway" and "Sarabjit," the actor grappled with the harsh reality of unemployment, resorting to selling personal possessions, including his car and household items, to make ends meet.

The burdens of depression compounded as Hooda poured himself into the preparation for the ill-fated "Battle of Saragarhi," a project that ultimately languished in obscurity, leaving him financially beleaguered and emotionally drained. Yet, amidst the turmoil, Hooda's unwavering devotion to his passion for equestrian pursuits remained steadfast, symbolizing his indomitable spirit amid adversity.