• 06 Apr - 12 Apr, 2024
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Even when you're not blessed with the genes.
Long gone are the days of pencil-thin, overly-tweezed brows. Thick eyebrows have been on trend for a long time and are not going anywhere soon. If you're not naturally gifted with an abundance of eyebrow hair, don't worry – that doesn't mean you’re doomed to have sparse brows forever. Here are some expert tips for growing thicker eyebrows – or at least faking it until you get there.

1. Apply a topical product
For an active approach to brow hair growth, try a topical product, such as a brow enhancing serum, to your nightly skincare routine. Such a serum will improve the appearance of brow volume in a few weeks, giving you brows that look fuller and healthier over time. Just make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry when applying the serum, so it penetrates the hairs.

2. Give your brows a massage
On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more homeopathic option that won’t cost you a penny, give your brow bone a nightly micro-massage. Gently use your fingertips to tap over each brow for about 30 seconds. Since every hair is connected to a tiny blood vessel, stimulating blood flow to the brow area can help encourage healthy hair growth.

3. Fake the look using an eyebrow pencil
When it comes to creating the appearance of thicker eyebrows, make-up can work miracles – a micro-lining pencil is a sparse brow’s best friend. However, it's crucial to use it properly. First, select a shade that mirrors the undertone (warm, cool, or neutral) and depth of colour (brown or black) in your brow. Next, leave pops of skin in between each stroke.

4. Apply brow gel
After applying brow pencil, apply a fiber-based gel. This will bring a 3D effect to the brows. This kind of gel is full of tiny microfibers that cling to the brow hairs and keep any brow from looking fake or drawn on. If you want mega volume, start by backcombing your brows beginning at the end of your shape and working your way toward the start. Then re-dip the wand into the vile and sweep the formula from the start of your brows all the way to the end, keeping the formula on the hairs and avoiding the skin.

If you’re short on time or prefer a more natural look without make-up, even a coat or two or brow gel can quickly lift your brows and make them look thicker. This should only take a few seconds yet make a dramatic impact on your face.

5. Have patience
Much like the hair growing from the top of your head, growing your brows out can take time. In fact, it can take a full three to six months for your brow hair to complete and restart a new cycle of growth. So, if you accidentally went wild with wax or over-tweezed, just have some patience and wait it out.