6 Gold Accents That Will Make Any Space Shine

This metallic shade is not just for special occasions anymore. Check out these stunning accessories to decorate with gold year-round.

Shelf accessories
Use a mix of gold accessories on the floating shelves in your living room that bring a refreshing twist to the white and brown colour scheme.

Bathroom finishes
Turn your master bathroom into a modern cottage one that features a mosaic glass tile that is accented with gold fixtures, creating a standout space to be remembered.

Dining room chandelier
All modern dining rooms now feature a white and neutral colour palette, with a standout modern gold chandelier. Get on with the trend and give a luxurious transformation to your dining room.

Candle sticks
Even the most neutral, dull, boring living rooms will get perked up and draw the eye when you add beautiful antique gold candlesticks to the decore.

Gold-trimmed lamp
Mix colour and pattern merrily in your eclectic living room with the gold lamp that will add a touch of glam to the space. Introduce the accent of a gold nightstand lamp that will bring a nice contrast into your sleek space. If you have an abstract or neutral-tones wallpaper, this accessory will fill the room with movement. The nightstand and lamp will add a pop of glam to the space.


Coffee table
Enhance the feel of your space with an alluring gold coffee table, the centerpiece of the room. If you decide to add gold accents in your dining room as well, switch things up; pair your dining table with mix-and-match seats in white and gold for a truly royal feel!