Pista Barfi

  • 06 Apr - 12 Apr, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery

· 2 cups pistachios
· ¼ cup freshly grated coconut
· 1 cup sugar
· 1tsp cardamom powder

Soak the pistachios in warm water for about half an hour. Once soaked, drain the water and blend the pistachios along with the coconut in the blender until you get an almost smooth burfi mixture. Keep the mixture aside. To make the syrup, in a medium-sized sauce pan, stir in the sugar and one-fourth cup water with heat on medium. Once the sugar has melted continue to boil the sugar mixture until the liquid reaches a two-string consistency. Then add the ground pistachios and coconut mixture along with the cardamom powder to the sugar syrup.
With the heat on medium continue stirring frequently to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan.
In 10-15 minutes, the burfi mixture will thicken and will come away from the sides of the pan. This happens when the oil is being released. Turn off the heat and be careful not to stir any longer on heat as the mixture can get over-cooked and will not set to the consistency required.
Transfer the mixture on a greased square pan and spread it evenly on the top and press it down so it sets well. Allow the burfi to cool completely. Once cooled, cut it into squares and serve.