Animated Marvel 'The Glassworker' Set to Illuminate Pakistani Cinemas This Summer!

Prepare for an animated spectacle this summer as 'The Glassworker' gears up to hit cinemas across Pakistan. Produced by Mano Animation Studios, this hand-drawn feature helmed by acclaimed artist Usman Riaz is set to make waves, marking a milestone as the country's premier hand-drawn animation venture.

Exciting news as Mandviwalla Entertainment, known for distributing hits like 'The Legend of Maula Jatt', has joined forces as the film's local distributor. This collaboration ensures that audiences nationwide will get to experience the enchanting tale firsthand, promising a cinematic journey like no other.

Having already captured international attention with a special screening at the Cannes Film Festival, 'The Glassworker' continues to garner praise. Usman Riaz, expressing gratitude for the recognition among a sea of live-action films, showcased exclusive footage at Cannes, leaving industry insiders captivated by the film's unique charm.

Speaking to the media, Riaz highlighted the film's roots in Pakistani culture, weaving conflicts, local legends, and colonial architecture into its narrative. With its heartfelt storytelling and hand-drawn animation, 'The Glassworker' promises to mesmerize audiences of all ages, showcasing Pakistan's burgeoning animation industry on the global stage.