Four Pashto Films to Shine Bright this Eid, Reigniting Regional Cinema

The Eid-ul-Fitr celebration will be adorned with the screening of four Pashto films, promising to inject vitality into the regional film industry while offering a delightful blend of entertainment and emotion to audiences.

Renowned filmmaker and actor Arbaaz Khan, involved in three of these highly anticipated productions, expressed optimism about the films' potential to captivate audiences with their quality production, compelling dialogues, talented casts, picturesque locations, and soulful music. Among the showcased movies is "Yaar Dushman," directed by Arbaaz Khan himself, featuring a stellar cast including Ajab Gull, Jahangir Jaani, Asif Khan, and Jameel Babar. Arbaaz Khan emphasized the profitability of Pashto films and expressed hopes for their contribution to the industry's revival this Eid. In addition to "Yaar Dushman," "Bandiwan," directed by Shahid Usman and starring Arbaaz Khan, Shahid Khan, and Jahangir Jani is poised for release. "Pekhawar Zama De," directed by Shanzeb Khan featuring Arbaaz Khan, Asghar Cheema, and Mehek Noor, will also hit screens during Eid festivities. Lastly, "Charta Khaney Charta Faqeeray," directed by Arshad Khan and starring Shahid Khan and Jahangir Jaani, completes the quartet of Pashto cinematic offerings slated for an Eid release. Despite challenges, Pashto film producers and artists have remained resilient, ensuring that cinema remains a source of entertainment, even during the toughest times.