• 06 Apr - 12 Apr, 2024
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Unraveling the Story Behind 'My Mini Stitch'
In the world of creativity and entrepreneurship, age is just a number, and our guest proves it with her remarkable journey. Meet Mehreen Ahsan, the 15-year-old founder of 'My Mini Stitch,' a flourishing business that creates hand-stitched doll dresses. From humble beginnings to national recognition, her story is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of determination and passion. Today, we have the privilege of delving into her fascinating journey.

Q: Can you take us back to the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? What inspired you to start 'My Mini Stitch'?
Growing up, I was fascinated by dressing up my dolls, but I often found the available options lacking in creativity and quality. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands. At the tender age of 8, armed with determination and a vision, I started creating my own doll dresses using whatever materials I could find at home.

Q: Your journey from passion to the inception of 'My Mini Stitch' is truly remarkable. How did you navigate the challenges along the way?
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought its own set of challenges, with schools closing and uncertainty looming. However, I saw it as an opportunity to hone my skills further. I dedicated my time to perfecting my stitching techniques and expanding my designs. It wasn't easy learning everything on my own, but with perseverance and patience, I overcame each obstacle.

Q: Your journey from crafting doll dresses to running a successful business is truly remarkable. How did you transition from creating for yourself to catering to a wider audience?
A: The turning point came when a guest at our house noticed my designs and expressed interest in purchasing dresses for her granddaughter. That moment sparked the idea of turning my passion into a business. With the support of my mother, we launched 'My Mini Stitch' and soon gained traction through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The overwhelming response from young girls seeking to dress up their dolls fueled my motivation to expand further.

Q: Your commitment to sustainability is commendable. Can you tell us more about how you incorporate eco-friendly practices into your business?
A: From the very beginning, I've been conscious of the environmental impact of my business. I utilize leftover fabric for dresses and repurpose old newspapers for handmade bags. Sustainability isn't just a trend for me; it's a core value that guides every aspect of 'My Mini Stitch.' I believe in the importance of responsible entrepreneurship and strive to set an example for others to follow.

Q: What's next for 'My Mini Stitch' and for you personally?
A: The journey has only just begun, and I'm excited to see where it leads. Personally, I'm learning French to pursue my dream of studying fashion in France. I'm also passionate about giving back to my community and hope to establish an institute in Pakistan where children from all backgrounds can learn valuable skills like fashion design. As for 'My Mini Stitch,' I envision continued growth and expansion, inspiring young girls not only in Pakistan but around the world to believe in their dreams and pursue them with courage.

Q: Any final words of advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs?
A: Believe in yourself and never underestimate the power of your ideas. Stay true to your passion, be resilient in the face of challenges, and always strive to make a positive impact, both in your community and beyond. With dedication and determination, anything is possible.
With her unwavering passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to making a difference, Mehreen Ahsan exemplifies the boundless potential of young minds. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, reminding us that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. As she continues to pursue her dreams and empower others along the way, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in her extraordinary journey.