From physiologist to pilot, Sonya Hussyn divulges accidental acting career

In a recent appearance on a show, actress Sonya Hussyn divulged how acting was not something Sonya had imagined she would ever be doing as a child. With no one in the family having an acting background, Sonya had always aspired to follow a more traditional career path. Initially studying physiology, Sonya revealed that she had earlier hoped to become a physiologist. Failing that, owing to her love of travel, she had dreamed of becoming a commercial pilot. Her father, meanwhile, had said he wanted her to become either a TV news anchor or a politician. However, Sonya’s life changed when one day she was dragged along by her friends to an audition.
“I was doing my Matric at the time, and I ended up going with my friends,” she said. “I didn’t get the audition, but a week later, I got a call saying the director had liked my face and wanted to cast me in something!” From there, Sonya picked up a supporting role in Dareecha in 2011, sparking the beginning of her career in television.