Appreciate single mothers and just be there for them: Sana

In a heart-to-heart podcast, Sana Nawaz shared her views on the daily stigma endured by women across Pakistan. As a woman in the showbiz industry and a single mother, the actress proved she is no stranger to the unsolicited judgement of strangers.
“My life is totally challenging as an actor,” she remarked, batting away the oft-held view that television stars have it easy. “Plus, I am a woman and single mother. Single mothers don’t deserve to be judged. They should be acknowledged and encouraged. Appreciate them. Just be there for them.” Yeh Dil Aapka Huwa star took the bull by the horns and disputed society’s perception of single mothers. Raising two boys following her split from her husband of 14 years, Sana noted, “People assume that because I’m an actor, I have an army of help, and that makes it easy. But whether or not you have help, even as an actor, you are still under the same pressure because of how society views you.”