Shahzad Sheikh lauds his mother for making sure he bonded with father Javed Sheikh despite divorce

Actor Shahzad Sheikh recently opened up about his family’s journey after the parents’ divorce. Son of the veteran actor and filmmaker Javed Sheikh, Shahzad's upbringing was marked by the challenges of his father’s separation from his mother, Zeenat Mangi.
In a recent podcast interview, Shahzad underlined the importance of including children in conversations concerning the family’s future. “Credit goes to my mother who never thought that she would not allow the kids to meet their father,” the 39-year-old remarked, reflecting on his childhood experiences. “Every summer holidays, she would send us to Lahore where we would spend two months with our father and cousins. This way, we were able to bond with him.”parDespite the lingering echoes of past disagreements, Shahzad revealed that his parents are on amicable terms and live under the same roof. He said, “We live in the same house. Baba lives in the lower portion. We live in the upper portion.”