If you are real, if you are flawed, social media will come at you with knives: Uzma Hassan

Recently garnering praise for her performance in the hit drama series Khaie, Uzma Hassan indulged in a candid interview to talk acting, showbiz and family. “I don’t have a filter between my brain and my mouth,” the 45-year-old said with a smile. “I say whatever is in my heart. It often doesn’t sit well with people.”parUzma added, “It’s much easier to do a character than to reveal yourself as you are. Our people are very unforgiving and I am an extremely sensitive, thin-skinned person.” The Mannat Murad star explained how she has yet to master the art of navigating interactions with people. “There’s a fear because there’s no acceptance [in our society] of people as individuals with whatever flaws they have. As long as someone is real, we are ready to whip out our knives and swords, and if we can’t find them, we have the internet,” Uzma described the unwelcoming spirit that pervades the social fabric.