I was never engaged to anyone: Aagha Ali clears the air amidst support

In a recent Instagram Story, Aagha Ali addressed a misconception surrounding his personal life. Expressing gratitude to his followers for their support during a challenging period, the actor took the opportunity to set the record straight.
Aagha revealed that the relationship he lost in 2018 was not an engagement, debunking any speculations suggesting otherwise. "Thank you for all your kind messages and posts. Just a little correction: I was never engaged to anyone, [nor did I] say anything regarding that," penned the actor.
Reflecting on the tumultuous year, he shared, “In 2018, I invested my money somewhere, like 80-90% of my bank balance. I was also in a relationship. 2018 was a year that took all of that from me." Amid financial setbacks and personal turmoil, Aagha found himself grappling with the erosion of his public image in the entertainment industry.
However, amidst the darkness, Aagha found solace and redemption in an unexpected source – a pilgrimage to Makkah. “In 2018, I went on an Umrah. After that, not only did I find myself closer to God. That experience changed my life and the way I used to think about it,” he shared.