Michael Jackson's Estate Legal Battle with Mother Katherine Unveils Multimillion-Dollar Claims

The ongoing legal dispute between Michael Jackson's estate and his mother, Katherine Jackson, has revealed significant financial figures, as per TMZ reports. The estate alleges that Katherine, aged 93, has received over $55 million since the pop icon's demise in 2009.
Legal documents filed by the estate in response to Katherine's demand for attorney's fees coverage detail her substantial financial benefits, including a monthly allowance exceeding $160,000. The estate argues that she can afford her legal expenses amid the ongoing legal confrontation.
The disagreement between Katherine and the estate arises from a multi-million-dollar deal concerning the sale of a portion of Michael's music rights. While Katherine opposes the deal and seeks legal coverage, the estate contends that the sale is essential due to the financial state of Michael's assets.
Furthermore, the estate has faced opposition from Michael's son, Blanket 'Bigi' Jackson, 22, who filed legal papers to block Katherine from using estate funds for her legal battles. The complexity of the legal battle reflects ongoing tensions within the Jackson family over the handling of Michael's legacy and assets.