Farah Khan Shares Touching Account of Shah Rukh Khan's Support

Renowned filmmaker Farah Khan shares heartfelt revelations about Shah Rukh Khan's unwavering support during her fertility journey, recounting a remarkable moment when his mere presence caused a stir in the hospital. Facing numerous challenges, Farah embarked on a difficult path to motherhood, eventually conceiving through IVF and giving birth to triplets. Describing the surreal experience on Nova IVF's YouTube channel, she recalls a crowded delivery room of 35 people, including the unexpected arrival of Shah Rukh Khan, sparking a frenzy among patients eager to catch a glimpse of the superstar.
Their bond extends beyond the screen, evident in their collaborations on blockbuster films like "Om Shanti Om." Farah reminisces about a poignant moment during the shoot, where Shah Rukh's keen intuition led him to comfort her upon receiving distressing news from her doctor.