Nawal Saeed
Big fat virtual hugs to all of you…Thank you for resonating with my energy, or perhaps bearing with me? Reciprocating ya’ll the love that was shown to me while I was busy giggling and understanding this process that we call life! God bless x

Sanam Saeed
afsurdagî bhî husn hai tabindagî bhî husn
ham ko khizaan ne tum ko sanvara bahaar ne

Ali Zafar
Always look ahead. You can’t undo the past but you can always create the future.

When tying ur hair in a plait was a symbol of an innocent girl

Bhumi Padnekar
What does this remind you of ?

Shahid Kapoor
Waiting in the shadows

Sofia Vergara
Another amazing day of auditions…gracias @simoncowell

Matthew McConaughey
reflect, rise, renew

Hugh Jackman
emember the time when something was that funny? When you laughed so hard you cried and your stomach hurt so good? This was one of those times