Be at the forefront of innovation with style by taking a pioneering step for the environment. The are many sustainable fashion lines around that make pieces exclusively using ethical production methods, repurposed fabric, and reduced water consumption; a dynamic effort to reduce fashion waste in Pakistan. Let’s let the magnanimity of that sink in for a minute.

More than just your average kurtas, these articles boast their own specialties. They are made out of fabric that had seen better days, that was old, forgotten, and eventually discarded as waste.

To slowly curb the extent of fashion waste, of which textile waste happens to be ones of the largest contributors, is a laudable goal and it’s very encouraging and inspiring to see a few Pakistani fashion brands move towards a model of sustainability that will have a huge impact on the environment.

Brands are upping the ante on their own efforts by spearheading this new wave of responsible manufacturing processes, which speak volumes about where the Pakistani fashion industry’s priorities and future vision lie.

Additionally, there a quite a few campaigns that encourage the donation of unwanted, used, discarded, old fabric, linen or any piece of clothing so that they can be recycled and be given a new meaning.

Not just clothes, but sustainable fashion has also entered the world of accessories since a long time. Brands have successfully managed to get the idea of eco-friendly canvas bags take root in people’s minds, which eventually became the new norm. There’s absolutely no reason for you to miss out on joining the future, and doing it stylishly. Fashion with a conscience is definitely the – responsible – way forward.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair Makeup: Nighat Misbah@Depilex
• Designer: Safia Ali
• Photography: Zeeshan Ahmed@Yellow Jacket
• Model: Rabita Ali