Curate the Perfect Gallery Wall

Say goodbye to boring, blank walls, and hello to stylish statement walls filled with personality and charm. From whimsical and flowy to perfect and polished, there's no one exact way to pull off the look. However, there are a few tried-and-true ways to use gallery walls to enhance your space.

Go for an Eclectic Assortment
If a great-looking gallery wall gives you goosebumps, the fastest (and cheapest) way to collect art for one is to scour your local flea markets, thrift stores and art fairs. Simply pick pieces you like and add to your wall as you find new additions. At first, you may be tempted to buy each piece you find, but you'll become an expert curator of your own personal art gallery.

Who Wants a Perfect Gallery Wall Anyway?
Creating those perfectly positioned, satisfyingly spaced gallery walls is harder than it looks. So, if you're a perfectionist who is hesitant to start on your gallery wall, this one's for you. Floating picture ledges are your new best friend. Best of all, no pieces are permanently mounted, meaning you can swap them out until you achieve the perfect look.

Make Use of Weird Wall Space
The beauty of gallery walls is their adaptability. They truly can work in any space, big or small. So, what to do with the awkward wall space next to your stairs? A gallery wall, of course.

Disguise Your TV With a Gallery Wall
There's something so unsightly about a blank wall with a TV on it. But, ditching the TV isn't the only way to usher style back into your space. Instead, disguise your TV with a gallery wall and reclaim your wall's stand-out style.

Achieve the Dark Academia Look
In love with the moody academia aesthetic? Say no more. Load up a dark gallery wall with all things thrifted, repurposed, natural and hand-crafted, and don't forget a few faux taxidermy animals.