Hadiqa Kiani
Budapest for the week. Grateful.

Visiting the Holy Kaaba is a deeply spiritual and significant experience for all the Muslims in the world

Danyal Zafar
bts of choosing peace amidst the chaos this world offers

Sara Ali Khan
Are you a beach or mountain person?
I’m a sunset seeking, peace loving, safety searching, sibling needing kind of person

Arjun Kapoor
They say time flies, it doesn’t… It’s been 12 years & still I hate this day I hate this feeling I hate the fact that I’m running out of pictures with U Maa… I hate not being able to say the word Mom or Maa anymore… I hate not seeing Mom flash on my phone… I hate that u were taken away from us… I have no choice but to pretend to be ok… to keep moving forward… to try and make a life… but it will always be incomplete without u… I will always be broken without u…
I miss u I wish u had never left… things would be different I would be different maybe I would have smiled a lot more and a lot more easily… smile wherever u are Maa cause without u around I always find it tough to smile or even live…

Varun Dhawan
Keep on walking….

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mam…You are everything to me…..and more. I love you

David Beckham
New Shades

Kylie Jenner