Saheefa defends Dananeer, points out flawed reporting by media

In a recent social media post, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak vehemently criticised local media outlets for their superficial coverage of women, specifically targeting an article about fellow actress and social media influencer Dananeer Mobeen. The article in question, which drew Saheefa's ire, featured a headline that invited internet users to debate whether Dananeer is showing signs of ageing.

Saheefa took to her Instagram to share her frustration, posting a screenshot of the article with a compelling message superimposed. “And yet, her craft wasn’t discussed nor were her achievements as an artist or how she worked on herself to reach where she is today. Instead, we are focusing on and making headlines about her ageing. Have we truly lost our minds? What kind of publications are these?” she wrote.

Her post highlighted a significant issue within media representation, where the focus often shifts from the professional achievements of women to their physical appearances.