I got married so that I wouldn't be misled by fame, says Muneeb Butt

In a recent appearance on a show, actor Muneeb Butt opened up about his decision to tie the knot at a young age. He challenged the notion of waiting for financial stability to get married by asserting that marriage itself brings blessings and opportunities for success. “I have a firm belief that if you enter nikah today, God will open new paths of success for you."

Butt elaborated on his personal experience, elucidating that his decision to marry at a young age stemmed from a realisation of the challenges posed by fame and success in the entertainment industry. "Because at that time, I was becoming more successful and I was able to realise that we are merely humans and Satan will tempt me towards the wrong path," he confessed.

"There are a lot of examples within our industry of people who were blessed by a lot of fame and success at an early age but they could not handle it," he shared and continued, "So I realised that it's better that I settle down and start a family life so even if I am tempted to do wrong, my mind has better things to think.”