We have very few male role models - Ali Safina

Pakistani actor, musician, and comedian Ali Safina recently appeared as a guest on a podcast, where he delved into various aspects of his career and personal life. Safina discussed the key to a happy married life. The actor, who married fashion entrepreneur, actor and DJ, Hira Tareen back in 2013, disclosed the key to his happy marriage in the entertainment industry, often deemed a tough place for lasting love. "Happy wife, happy life. I have heard this adage from my elders," he quipped. "Behind every successful man is a woman. Respect is crucial in every relationship."

Highlighting the importance of communication and time investment in marital harmony, Safina emphasised the need for male role models who openly discuss their domestic lives. "We have very few male role models because they don’t talk about their domestic lives," he observed. “In our society, it is a common perception that men should not pay attention to their homes. So, I feel that if my marriage is going well and we are happy, it’s because we give time. When we encounter an issue, we take the time to resolve it.”