Money and fame are not the most important: Sania Mirza reflects on vital life lessons from tennis

Former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza recently appeared on BBC Urdu to discuss her retirement decision. In a detailed and introspective conversation, Mirza shared insights into her personal growth and the reasons behind stepping away from professional tennis.

The 37-year-old explained the physical demands that influenced her timing, “A lot of people asked about my decision to retire. I wanted to stop on the top. It was very important to me.” The sports icon delved further into how her recovery after a strenuous match was not the same anymore. “My body had become a huge problem after three surgeries and a kid as well. The recovery wouldn’t happen the way it was needed,” she remarked. Despite her successes, the journey wasn't always visible to spectators. “People would see that I was playing finals but they couldn’t see what I had to do to get there.” Mirza also revisited her past comments about staying grounded despite fame. “The most important things in life are not money and fame,” she contended. “They are a part of luxury but they are not the most important. What’s most important is who is going to be there for you in your tough times, who are you willing to stand up for.”