Lawn Affair

With their diverse silhouettes, embellishments and fabrics, kurtas offer a unique and adaptable charm. They effortlessly transition from casual to office-appropriate attire, making them a versatile choice for women of all ages. From the vitality of youthful trends to the sophistication of timeless classics, the allure of kurtas is woven into the very fabric of our Pakistani culture.

To help you stay updated with the trendiest styles, we are here to talk about the love affair our nation, especially women and designers, have with this sartorial staple.

In the intricate world of fashion, where trends come and go, one garment has managed to carve its niche as a timeless and ageless fashion statement in our country – the classic kameez. Its roots trace back centuries, and yet, it has evolved with each passing era, consistently maintaining its relevance in the dynamic landscape of our couture.

One of the remarkable aspects of the kurta lies in its versatility. It effortlessly caters to a myriad of occasions, from casual daily wear to festive celebrations and formal gatherings.

 This adaptability is reflected in the diverse array of styles, fabrics, and embellishments that designers infuse into their designs.

Each of the lawn designs every year, whether A-line or peplum, high-low or straight, weaves a story of tradition, modernity, and the timeless beauty inherent in Pakistani fashion. From the vibrant hues of red and cool pastel shades to the crisp simplicity of white, these designs offer not just a choice of clothing but a celebration of individuality. To style yourself in the latest designs, you can opt for a readymade dress and elevate the style factor by accessorising, or buy the fabric and design it yourself.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair Makeup: Angie’s Saloon
• Designer: Yasmin Zaman
• Photography & Styling: The Rohail
• Model: Zeenia Ajwar