Kitchen Pantry Ideas You'll Love

Pantries don’t have to be messy and boring; you can easily make yours stylish and well-organised. Check out these some cool ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen pantry.

The Appeal of Art
The storage area of your well-organised pantry can feature quartz counters and Shaker-style white painted maple cabinet doors with wall art for decoration and the same funky hardware used for the kitchen cabinets.

Adjustable Storage Shelves
Open pantry racks are a smart place to store canned goods, dry goods, and fruits and vegetables, while still providing greater visibility and ease of access. Installing a unit with adjustable shelves, like in this pantry, allows you to customise the shelf height to fit your storage needs.

Open Storage
If you are a neat freak, an open pantry might work for you. This pantry's open shelves offer storage for baskets with fresh vegetables, beverage bottles, canned goods and canisters for dry food items like pasta and snacks.

Organisation Goals
Shelves, pullout baskets and shallow drawers will ensure your pantry offers a place for everything and keeps everything in its place. Even small closets can be converted into orderly and spacious walk-in pantries. It's about making the best use of the space you have.

Hidden Pantry
What looks like a door to a simple cabinet can open up to reveal a secret walk-in, closet-sized space that increases the storage capacity of the room.