“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”
– Dale Carnegie

Negative impact of social media on Youth
Although we talk about the negative impact of social media on youth but we never take any actions though! Following are the main negative impacts of social media on youth: depression, anxiety, complex, laziness, lust, bullying, adapting, and getting educated about inappropriate things/behavior.

Social media can be an amazing tool if use properly. It provides us with immense information on any topic. It can be a great educational tool as several tutorials are available on the internet on diverse topics. To make better use of social media a few step should be taken. Parental control is the fundamental in this regard. Set reasonable boundaries. Discuss with your child how to keep social media from interfering with his or her activities, sleep, meals, or homework.

Encourage them to follow a bedtime routine free of electronic media, and keep cellphones and tablets out of their bedrooms. Set a good example by adhering to these guidelines. Explain what isn't acceptable. Encourage your child not to gossip, spread rumours, bully, or harm someone's reputation – online or off. Discuss with them what is appropriate and safe to share on social media. If we try just these few things we might have youth positively impacted by social media. Social media can also provide significant potential benefits. It can foster a sense of community and facilitate the assistance of friends. It can motivate people to seek assistance and share information and resources. More frequent social media use has been linked to an improved ability to share and comprehend the emotions of others.
Noor Fatima,

CPEC a game changer
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a landmark initiative aimed at enhancing connectivity between China and Pakistan. Spanning various factors such as energy projects, infrastructure development, industrial zone and gawadar port development, CPEC has the potential to leave a huge impact on Pakistan's economy.

Firstly, CPEC's infrastructure projects address critical gaps in Pakistan's transportation which will not only facilitate the movement of goods and people in Pakistan but also connectivity with China. CPEC's energy projects aim to address Pakistan's chronic energy shortages by adding significant capacity to the national grid. This includes solar, hydro, coal and wind power projects. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) offer incentives such as tax breaks, infrastructure support etc which promote industrial co-operation with China and Pakistan.

Furthermore, CPEC aims to develop Gawadar Port into a world class maritime hub serving as a gateway for trade between China, Pakistan and other countries.

As Gawadar Port develops, it can become a key drive of economic growth, generating revenue from Port operations. However it's essential to acknowledge that CPEC also present challenges and risks for Pakistan economy. But CPEC has the potential to significantly transform Pakistan economy by addressing energy shortages, promoting industrialization and enhancing connectivity and trade. However realizing these benefits requires concerted efforts from both China and Pakistan.
Sumerna Khan,