Hania Amir

Aamna Ilyas
Mirror selfie dump

Usman Mukhtar
Just posing for now, but soon i’ll hit the road...once I figure out where the ‘on’ switch is!

Shahid Kapoor
Brothers in arms !! #sundayworkout

Farhan Akhtar
Shade of shadow #feline #faroutdoors #citylife

Sushmita Sen
I don’t chase, I attract.
My rose tinted glasses often reminding me…it’s not about ‘what’s there’, it’s more about ‘what I choose to see’.
I choose to see possibilities, hope, kindness, love, gratitude, oneness & abundance…what I choose, I attract.
A gentle reminder to check, if the default mode of your life is Automatic…switch to Manual!!!
I love you guys!!! #happyweekend #duggadugga

Selena Gomez

Millie Bobby Brown
Life in the fast lane

Chris Hemsworth
Nothing better than a little getaway with one of my besties