After Merry Christmas, Katrina Kaif talks about her process of choosing films

Katrina’s last release Merry Christmas may have been disappointing at the box office and didn’t earn much money, but it showed the improved version of Katrina Kaif as an actress. Katrina, who has been known as this box office queen since the beginning of her career by signing all the masala entertainers, might have the change of route after Merry Christmas.

In her interview with Variety, Katrina Kaif got candid about choosing her films and how she will go ahead to give her nod in ten future projects," I’ve always put the audiences first and have tried to with my choices throughout my career. And now I think it’s about finding a balance, what story do I feel is going to connect with the audience? And what do I connect to personally and as an actor right now? What’s going to give me growth? What’s going to give me satisfaction? This is just exactly what I want to be doing right now".