Parineeti Chopra says being Priyanka Chopra’s sister hasn’t helped her survive in Bollywood

Parineeti Chopra has made a place for herself in Bollywood. While many had a perception that being Priyanka Chopra's sister has helped her survive in Bollywood, the actress has strongly refused these claims, and declared that being Priyanka's sister hasn't helped in her career.

In her latest interview with TOI, Parineeti was asked about having an unfair advantage over being Priyanka Chopra's sister, to which she responded," If being related to Priyanka Chopra could’ve helped my career, then I wouldn’t have had any flops in my career. I’ve seen such lows in the last 10 years."

In the same interview, Parineeti admitted that being associated with someone from the industry can help you get an easy chance for the first time and later one has to survive on its own," Every person who has had some association in the industry is actually under a lot of pressure. You might get your first chance, first audition, first meeting, but after that, you’re on your own and it’s more difficult to prove yourself. The comparisons will never end."